About Us

Compañía Bernal S.A. started its operations more than 60 years ago, marking the onset of a strong trajectory in the beef industry, in a plant located in West Bernal, Province of Buenos Aires.

We managed to establish a high level of regard and recognition for the quality of our products and the valorization of our main brand: Finexcor and recently Ciaber.
During our long trajectory, we have always kept the highest levels of quality and reliability. We have opened new markets with products tailored to all our customers' needs, positioning ourselves as the benchmark beef processing plant in both the domestic and international meat market.

Compañía Bernal's Quality Policy

We are committed to providing safe, legal, and authentic food, complying with specified quality requirements to satisfy our customers. We produce products that meet the highest standards of quality, and we conduct our activity safeguarding the environment and protecting the occupational health and safety of our workforce.

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Through a third-party certifying body, the standards defined for these products are confirmed, according to an established protocol.