Compañía Bernal's Quality Policy

We have a Quality and Safety Management System that meets international standards of Food Safety, guaranteeing continuous improvement. Management provides the resources and support needed to achieve our goals. We are also certified by the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 8, Grade AA. National Agri-food Health and Quality Service (SENASA, as per its Spanish acronym) personnel have permanent offices in our facilities and carry out the Food Waste and Hygiene Control Plan (CREHA Plan, as per its Spanish acronym) by taking samples of carcasses, cuts, and hamburgers for microbiological research and different types of waste, securing control of the various Foodborne Illnesses (ETAS, as per its Spanish acronym).

Regulation framework applicable to the process:

National regulations are the following: Argentine Food Code Law No. 18,284; SENASA Regulatory Decree 4238/68, SENASA Circulars: Animal Welfare, Good Manufacture Practices, Safety, Quality, Traceability, Legality, and Certification. International regulations of countries to which we export are the following: FSIS Directives 5000-5420-6100-6330-6420-6810-6900-10010-10250 (United States); 625-852-853-178-2073-1099-206 Regulations (European Economic Community); China Food Safety Law- GB 17238-12694-2707-5749-14881-19538 (China); Law No. 20,358, Exempted Resolution No. 3,571 of 2020 (Chile); Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan). 

Routine microbiological analysis is conducted in the facility’s laboratory. This laboratory is a member of SENASA’s Official Network, identified under no. LA 102. It is also a testing laboratory accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA), under Accreditation no. LE 121. Please refer to the scope accredited in

The Quality Control personnel take samples of finished products and wipe surfaces and operators’ hands with sponges on a daily basis. These samples are analyzed in the laboratory to monitor the processes and to take corrective measures, if necessary.

At Compañía Bernal we protect each of the production steps of the food we produce from the farm to the end consumer’s plate, complying with the strictest national and international standards, such as: Animal Welfare, Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)/Quality Assurance Systems, dispatch and shipping controls, microbiological controls of products and process monitoring, ensuring traceability throughout each stage. 
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Through a third-party certifying body, the standards defined for these products are confirmed, according to an established protocol.