About Us

Compañía Bernal

During our long trajectory, we have always kept the highest levels of quality and reliability. We have opened new markets, with products tailored to all our customers' needs, positioning ourselves as the benchmark in both the domestic and international meat market.

We started our activities over 60 years ago and since then we have followed a solid trajectory in the beef business. We supply internal and foreign markets such as: Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Israel, U.S.A., China, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia among others.

Our plant currently has a production capacity that has allowed us to achieve sustainable growth.  The quality of our products, the seriousness of our commercial policies, and the continuous search for excellence in all our markets have been and will always be the pillars of our growth.

  1. At the beginning of the 1960s
    Finexcor started its operations, and this marked the onset of a strong trajectory in the beef industry, which is recognized to this day by producers, clients, and consumers in Argentina and worldwide.
  2. From 2004 to 2005
    Cargill SACI acquired Finexcor SRL, as part of a global strategy, bringing investments to boost meat production and value-added products.
  3. 2011
    Cargill transferred ownership rights to a national business group.
  4. At present
    Compañía Bernal has positioned itself as one of the leaders in Argentine beef exports

The company has kept alive the business links and contacts of Finexcor SRL, as well as its prestige in terms of food safety management and commitment to its quality policies.

Our Vision

To lead food production from meat/beef origin at the domestic and regional level and out into the world.

Our Mission

Providing safe food by satisfying the market demand in a sustainable manner.

Our Values

  • Continuous innovation.
  • Teamwork.
  • Relationships based on trust, respect, and integrity.
  • Focus on the Quality, Safety, Legality, Security and Authenticity of our products.

At Compañía Bernal S.A. we firmly believe in the transformative power of responsible and ethical actions. That's why our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is an integral part of our corporate identity. We are committed to responsible business management based on ethical principles and strict compliance with the law, showing respect for individuals, families, communities, and the environment. We ensure that activities are carried out safely to guarantee the health of employees, customers, and general public.

Compañía Bernal in numbers




731,946 sq ft


397,748 sq ft






animals/daily average



quarters/daily average



tons per month

Cold storage
(final product)


with the capacity
for 350 tons

Frozen storage
(final product)

1+carton freezer

with the capacity for 2,785 tons


Through a third-party certifying body, the standards defined for these products are confirmed, according to an established protocol.